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Barlow disappointed the Liberals didn't step back from the carbon tax increase on April 1st

The Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food says he's concerned by what he heard in the federal budget.

John Barlow says this is a government that promised to get their their spending under control, get deficits under control and start to work towards a balanced budget - but that obviously did not happen.

"Only a couple of months ago they admitted deficit spending was fueling inflation, they were going to try and get inflation under control. But when you table a budget with $50 billion in new spending and a $40 billion deficit this is
going to fan the flames of inflation, its going to do the exact opposite. When Canadians are worried about the cost of living and we have double digit food inflation that is a big concern."

He says overall in agriculture they were happy to see the funding allocated for the vaccine bank for Foot and Mouth Disease. 

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