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Barlow's Private Member Bill C-275 regarding On Farm Animal Biosecurity is headed to the Senate

The Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture,  AgriFood and Food Security says disappointing is an understatement when it comes to this week's vote on Bill C - 234 in the Senate.

John Barlow says the Liberal loyalists in the Senate are trying to gut and kill this bill.

"It didn't really matter what the amendment was they just wanted to make sure they got an amendment of some kind. Just push this back to the House of Commons and drag and delay it out further. This is a real kick in the teeth to Canadian farmers who were really looking forward to this carbon tax carve out and give them some financial relief. So yeah, this was extremely disappointing results."

The Senate amendment removes barns and greenhouses from the bill which would remove the carbon tax on natural gas and propane for on farm use....grain drying is still included in the bill.

The amended Bill C-234 now goes back to the House of Commons for consideration.

Meantime, a Private Members Bill introduced by Barlow is on its way to the Senate.

Bill C-275 is an act to amend the Health of Animals Act protecting the biosecurity on farms.

"Specifically, it will increase fines and add fines to any trespassers or protesters who come on private property onto farm and protest putting the biosecurity of those animals and that operation at risk. The other element to this that is a bit unique is that there are fines in place for organizations that are pushing these types of protests like PETA, or Extinction Rebellion.

Barlow says the bill came about as a result of protestors who broke into a turkey barn on a  farm at Fort Macleod, creating a key biosecurity risk,  some of those same protestors were at a hog operation in BC the week before.

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