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Bayer Introduces new TilMOR™ flex-timing fungicide for advanced protection against leaf disease and fusarium head blight

Calgary (AB), – Today the Crop Science Division of Bayer announced the registration of TilMOR™, for use on wheat, barley and oats. TilMOR gives growers the flexibility to spray from flag leaf to heading, and provides control of leaf disease and suppression against fusarium head blight 
TilMOR replaces Folicur EW® in Bayer’s cereal fungicide portfolio, providing a step forward in disease protection and crop yield via greater fungicide residual performance while continuing to provide flexible application timing. “For cereal growers, fungicide timing is everything,” said Mark Alberts, Grower & Channel Marketing Manager, Cereals, Bayer. “TilMOR makes fungicide timing easier, especially in barley, as it works great at flag leaf and heading. For growers, it is another tool in their toolbox to tackle tough leaf diseases, while protecting plant quality, yield and profitability.”  
TilMOR contains tebuconazole with the addition of Prothioconazole, an excellent long-lasting group 3 active ingredient. “Prothioconazole is an active ingredient in many of our fungicide products because it moves slower through the plant to offer longer residual control,” said Alberts. “Tebuconazole moves quicker through the plant, so the combination of these two actives in TilMOR ensures the crop gets the protection it needs quickly in those early days, with more emphasis on longer-lasting control.”
In conditions where TilMOR is applied for leaf diseases, growers can follow up with an application of Prosaro® XTR for fusarium head-blight protection and complete foliar disease management, providing the greatest increase in yield.
TilMOR will be available to Canadian growers in 2021.
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