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Be On Guard For Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers could be a concern in some areas of the province this year.
John Gavloski is an entomologist with Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development.
"For Manitoba, we had some areas that are at more of a moderate risk for this year, some areas on our forecast map rated as low. We had some very good conditions in August for egg laying. September less so, it rained quite a bit but those eggs should survive quite well, they're pretty much impermeable to rain, they can actually sit for a good week or more slumbered in water and not get killed. Going into this year, we want to certainly be on our guard for grasshoppers."
Gavloski says farmers should also be on the lookout for cutworms and flea beetles.
"As we get into late May and June and the crops start coming up, watch your fields carefully for cutworms and flea beetles. It's going to be a tricky one this year, hard to say what will happen because there will be a lot of later seeding, which sometimes can be helpful in helping the canola get past the flea beetles. If we get the canola in the ground, the ground is warm enough and we get some good rains to help it along, and it can get three to four true leaves within a few weeks, you should be good."
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