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Beef Producer Dissappointed To Be Caught Up In China Ban

The Chair of the Alberta Beef Producers says it's disappointing to be dragged into China's meat ban.
An investigation has found potentially forged documents attached to a batch of Canadian pork, which China's Embassy says reflects "obvious safety loopholes" in the Canadian meat export supervision system.
Charlie Christie says they're worried the ban won't be as temporary as officials say.
"They've obviously dragged us into a situation that didn't involve us and that's worrisome. Hopefully that's the vehicle we use to get back out of it, but it's hard to say if we'll be successful."
He says they're happy the Federal Government has asked Mounties to look into who may have forged the paper work.
Christie says it's likely the documents didn't come from Canada and someone is piggy backing on the Canadian brand.
"It's a risk when you have a good reputation such as Canada does," Christie said. "I'm sure there's people who would like to exploit that, and I think that's what's happened here."
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