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Calf prices have been holding fairly steady in Western Canada

Gateway Livestock cattle market analyst, Anne Wasko says when you look at the calf price right now it's about 20 to 30 per cent higher than a year ago.

She notes fed cattle producers and cattle feeders have been in a very disciplined perspective, as the Canadian fed cattle markets continue to have a wide or weak basis - which is how much our market is behind the US.

Wasko says that condition continues to persist even into the second half of November.

"Even though fed cattle in Western Canada last week, were trading a little bit higher into the low $180s live, that would be the highest price that we've seen since late 2014. That market is still close to $25 -$100 back of where the US price is. So even though it's been climbing, it's been climbing way slower than what the US has."

To learn more about what's happening with the cattle markets listen to Glenda-Lee's conversation with Anne Wasko by clicking the link below

Source : Pembinavalley Online

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