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Iconic Canadian fast-food companies are being exposed for their inaction on chicken welfare, according to a new report released by World Animal Protection Canada. 

The report highlights the failures among the biggest fast-food brands in Canada for not acting to address important animal welfare issues in their supply chain for chickens raised for meat.

While there has been some progress made on improving chicken welfare, most companies have received disappointingly low scores in The Pecking Order 2022 including KFC Canada, Pizza Hut and Dominos, among others. 

"This year's results tell us that some of Canada's leading food companies are turning a blind eye to the inhumane treatment of chickens in their supply chains, and as a result are not keeping pace with consumer expectations," says Lynn Kavanagh, Farming Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection Canada. "Companies have the power to improve the lives of billions of chickens, and after four years of assessments, it's shocking that they continue to ignore the science and consumer sentiment on the issue."

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