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Canadian Grain Commission extends Harvest Sample Program deadline

WINNIPEG, Manitoba,-- A later harvest across much of the Prairies this year may have grain growers wondering how the quality of their grain has been affected. The Canadian Grain Commission recognizes that producers may need more time to participate this year and has extended the deadline of its Harvest Sample Program to December 30, 2022.

Through the Harvest Sample Program, producers receive an unofficial grade and quality information for their crop that can help them make delivery decisions. New for this year, the Canadian Grain Commission is now offering dockage assessments for mustard samples in addition to canola.

Harvest samples are also used to generate crop quality data that marketers can use to promote the sale of Canadian grain. This quality information confirms Canada's ability to deliver consistent, high-quality grain from year to year.

Producers who are not currently registered for the Harvest Sample Program, but who would like to take part for the 2022 harvest, have until December 12, 2022 to register online at There is no charge to participate, and registered participants have until December 30, 2022 to send in samples taken from their crops.

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