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Canadian Western Agribition Cancelled for November

Just like the Calgary Stampede and Edmonton's K-days, another major event planned for this fall, is cancelled, thanks to COVID 19.
The Canadian Western Agribition has been a mainstay in Regina for half a century and cancelling the show this November will be a major blow to Saskatchewan's economy. Agribition CEO Chris Lane said it was a difficult decision, but one that had to be made.  "As we got further into the year and there is still so much uncertainty around how to do events like ours safely and what those restrictions and guidelines will be come the fall.  We started to really think about the decision that was going to be best for our exhibitors, for those producers that have to make decisions now about what kind show strings, or animals, they are going to bring to town."
Lane continued saying that the timing was right for them to make this announcement now to make sure everyone involved had enough notice to be able to make their decisions they need to make about their participation.  "At the end of the day we just want to put on an Agribition that is the Agribition that we all know and love.  Honestly that is a lot of people in one place having a good time.  If we can't confidently do that in a safe way, to keep all of those people safe and healthy, we just felt that this was the right time to make that call."
Lane acknowledges that this will impact exhibitors and producers will be substantial.  It will also be a significant cost for the event as they make the majority of their revenue in the six days of the event.  The impact on the city of Regina will be substantial as well.
Closer to home, there could be a decision soon on the future of this year's FarmFair international in Edmonton, which also takes place in November.
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