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Cattle producers keep shrinking the national herd

Canada's cattle herd continues a gradual long-term decline, says the annual Livestock Inventory by Statistics Canada.

The national cattle herd of 11.7 million dropped 2.1 per cent ending 2022. Five years ago the herd numbered 11.67 million.

Within the national herd beef numbers declined 2.8 per cent to 9.39 million, cow calf herds fell to 6.27 million from 6.46 million.

The dairy herd declined 1.1 per cent to 1.89 million.

Saskatchewan herds followed the national trend except for the dairy herds, which increased six per cent from 51,200 to 54,400 animals.

The cattle herd in this province lost 20,000 head to 2.17 million while the number of beef cattle was 19,000 less at 2.12 million. These declines might be accounted for by drought in the southwest that forced sale of livestock n 2022.

Cow calf animals declined 4,000 to 1.84 million.

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