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Celebrating Canada's Agriculture Day

People across Canada involved in the ag industry are gearing up to celebrate Canada's Agriculture Day.
Canada's Agriculture Day is Tuesday, February 13, and Manager of Agriculture More than Ever, Candice Hill, says last year was the first year for the day.
"We saw people activating coast to coast, and it was amazing. There were groups who got into classrooms, and they brought farmers in to talk to students. We had a celebration in Ottawa that essentially brought together farmers, and youth, and industry groups, and government stakeholders to celebrate."
Hill says the most popular way people participated last year was by sharing their agriculture pride on social media.
Agriculture More Than Ever has a tool on their website to help people generate content if they are unsure what to post.
"A Thunderclap is something new that we introduced this year, and what it is, is a tool that people can join the thunderclap via our website at It's super easy to use and it only takes a couple minutes. What it will do on Canada's Agriculture Day is it will generate a social media post, so either a tweet, Facebook post, or both, and it basically does it automatically for you."
Source : Steinbachonline

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