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CLAAS Impresses at German Embassy in Washington, D.C.

When the German Embassy in Washington, D.C., planned its activities for the annual EU Open House on May 13, it turned to CLAAS of America for help with its display of U.S. trade goods.
The North American sales company for CLAAS KGaA mbH was invited to showcase a JAGUAR forage harvester in the Embassy parking lot as an example of the healthy trade business Germany has with the United States of America. The German Embassy was the host site for both German and French officials celebrating along with other EU members.
Approximately 8,000 people braved the rain and overcast weather in order to explore the grounds and enjoy the food, culture, music and traditions of Germany and France. The festival included a German biergarten and French café, musical performances from both nations and plenty of kid-friendly activities.
German ambassador Peter Wittig and French embassy deputy chief of mission Nathalie Broadhurst took a tour of the open house, and made a point to climb onto the JAGUAR forage harvester displayed by CLAAS for a fun photo op.
“The United States is a country of immigrants,” said Leif Magnusson, President of CLAAS Global Sales Americas. “Many of the farmers we serve here in the U.S. have deep cultural ties to Germany and France – both of which are important manufacturing regions for CLAAS equipment.”
CLAAS is not only the global sales leader of self-propelled forage harvesters, it is also the U.S. sales leader in this category, which is home to many of the largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment in the world. “CLAAS pioneered the self-propelled forage harvester which has revolutionized forage production for beef producers and dairies,” explained Magnusson.
A long-line manufacturer of harvesting equipment, CLAAS is the fourth largest agricultural equipment company in the world. In business for more than a century with global headquarters in Harsewinkel, Germany, the family-owned company has manufacturing operations in 11 different countries including the United States, where the LEXION combine is assembled in Omaha, Nebraska.
CLAAS is more than an importer to the U.S. — it’s also an important economic driver. With approximately 400 employees throughout the U.S. and Canada, the equipment manufacturer sources close to 50 percent of its components for the North American LEXION combine locally.
Source : Claas

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