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Cleanfix Expands Operations to Stratford

InvestStratford announced that Hägele GmbH, the global manufacturer of Cleanfix Fans, will be expanding its North American operations to Stratford, Ontario. With pending final plans and approvals, the expansion of Cleanfix North America Inc. will begin in 2022 and more than double the total current building space.

Established in the City of Stratford in 2010 as the North American subsidiary of Germany's Hägele GmbH, Cleanfix has been in its Wright Business Park location since 2015, where it employs 20 people who design, assemble and supply the company's proprietary fans for farm machinery and heavy equipment. 

"We are absolutely thrilled, sincerely proud and deeply honoured to be expanding our North American headquarters and full-service production operations on Wright Boulevard in Stratford," says Benjamin Haegele, CEO of Hägele GmbH, based in Schorndorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. "Establishing Cleanfix North America Inc. in the City of Stratford has been one our biggest success stories anywhere in the world. Stratford's progressive business climate, improving amenities, prime location and world-class culture make it a tremendous place to invest, to work and to live."

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