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Dakota Growers Advised To Prepare For Varying Conditions In 2017

  • With nature ever unpredictable, proper seed selection gives corn and soybean growers an opportunity to start season on best foot possible
  • Golden Harvest® Corn and NK® Soybeans offer a range of agronomic solutions for any field

From early-season rains to late-season drought conditions, corn and soybean growers in North Dakota and South Dakota had an up-and-down 2016. Although it’s impossible to predict what 2017 will bring, Syngenta agronomists encourage growers to plan for varying environmental conditions.
“With the weather extremes we’ve experienced the last few years, seed selection is very important,” said Tom Schmit, a Syngenta product development agronomist in South Dakota. “Growers should look to plant hybrids and varieties that provide them with the best chance to stand up against whatever Mother Nature has in store this season.”
With broad portfolios, Golden Harvest® Corn and NK® Soybeans offer agronomic solutions for any field.
Golden Harvest combines advanced genetics with industry-leading Agrisure® traits to help each field grow strong, while the local expertise and agronomic resources of a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor™ help to maximize yields. Some of the key hybrids for eastern Corn Belt growers to consider in 2017 are:

  • G90Y04-3110A brand: As an Agrisure Artesian® hybrid, Golden Harvest hybrid G90Y04-3110A brand maximizes yield when it rains and increases yield when it doesn’t. The hybrid also features the Agrisure Viptera® trait, which provides more control of more insects for more yield potential.
  • G96V99-3120 E-Z Refuge® brand: This hybrid’s diverse genetics help mitigate risk. G96V99-3120 E-Z Refuge brand also features excellent roots and strong stalks for ease of harvest. The hybrid features the Agrisure 3120 E-Z Refuge trait stack, which offers two modes of action against corn borer and control of ear-feeding insects, with the convenience of an integrated refuge product.

NK Soybeans offer growers a high-tech portfolio created using a complex analytics system of research and development, providing industry-leading genetics for unique field challenges. Key varieties for growers in the Dakotas to consider include:

  • S14-A6 brand: Should saturated soils reoccur in 2017, the dependable Phytopthora resistance and field performance of S14-A6 brand should benefit many growers. The variety also has very strong emergence and standability on variable soils.
  • S20-T6 brand: This variety is the industry standard for Sclerotinia white mold resistance. S20-T6 brand also offers very good Iron Deficiency Chlorosis and sudden death syndrome tolerance.

“Helping the grower optimize performance is our top priority,” said Todd McRoberts, product development agronomy manager at Syngenta. “Through a diverse portfolio of hybrids and varieties with strong agronomic backing, growers have the ability to maximize their yields season after season.”

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