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Deere adds new material collection systems and mechanical grapple for compact utility tractors to Frontier lineup

OLATHE, Kan. — John Deere has added new material collection systems and a mechanical grapple to its popular line of Frontier equipment. The new PTO-driven Frontier MC2014 and MC2120 Material Collection Systems offer 14- and 20-bushel capacity respectively for John Deere 1, 2SC, 2LC and 3R Compact Utility Tractors. The new Frontier MG20F Mechanical Grapple is compatible with John Deere 120R, 220R and 300E Loaders.

According to John Doyle, partnered products marketing manager for John Deere, these new products offer ideal solutions for large property owners who need to quickly move tree limbs, rocks, or brush, or who need to efficiently remove grass clippings, leaves, or pine needles from their property.

"The MC20210 is the ultimate material collection system for customers who use mid-mount mowers. It's iMatch™ quick-hitch compatible and easy to install and remove," Doyle said. "Its on-board blower system, and integrated storage stands, provide the power and ease customers are looking for with these systems. The hopper can be easily dumped from the seat of the tractor with the flip of a switch, helping operators be more productive and experience less fatigue while working."

The MC2014 and MC2120 come factory equipped with a hopper-fill site glass so operators can keep a watchful eye on the fill level of the hopper while working. An optional audible fill sensor also can be ordered and provides increased productivity by sounding an audible alarm once the hopper is full, allowing the operator to focus on what's happening in front of the machine, while they mow.

The other addition to the Frontier lineup is the MG20F, a loader-attached mechanical grapple. With a dump height of 53 inches (135 cm) or higher (depending on model) from the ground, the grapple features dump angles and ultra-wide grapple openings for maximum material removal and easy material release.

The MG20F does not require third-function loader hydraulics to work and saves customers hundreds of dollars on extra parts and several hours of installation time. Once attached, the grapple utilizes the loader's bucket cylinders to open and close its jaws and to keep loads intact while moving. Teeth on the upper and lower jaw tines are designed to prevent material rollout and help grab, remove or keep material in place once clamped.

"Similar to a standard loader bucket, the MG20F can be quickly attached to the tractor's loader and utilizes the same quick-attach system common to the John Deere 120R, 220R and the 300E Loaders that greatly reduces installation time when changing loader attachments," Doyle said. "The minimal difference between the clamping pressure of a traditional third-function loader grapple and the clamping pressure of the bucket cylinders, ensures operators can clamp material and move it to where it's needed to be."

Source : John Deere

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