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Dips in corn and soy yields revealed by USDA

The farming community has its eyes on the latest USDA report which highlights lowered yields for two major crops: corn and soybeans. The numbers show a decline in the average corn yield by 1.3 bushels, making it 173.8 bushels per acre. Soybeans followed suit with a decline of 0.8 bushels, bringing it to 50.1 bushels per acre. 

What's interesting is that even though corn growth went down, the total production still looks good. Thanks to an increase in the areas planted with corn. The challenging hot and dry spells that swept through the Midwest played a role in this yield decline.  

Yet, a commendable boost in planted areas, particularly in states like Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Minnesota, negated this impact. This change paves the way for an optimistic corn production forecast for the year. Conversely, soybean production might see a slight dip due to the decrease in its yield. 

This month's report has an additional layer of significance. It's the first one this year to weave in objective yield estimates. These estimates highlighted an all-time high of corn ears per acre - a silver lining amid the challenges. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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