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Egg Farmers of Canada celebrates World Egg Day

OTTAWA, ON, This World Egg Day and to mark the occasion Egg Farmers of Canada is paying tribute to the humble egg and the hard-working Canadian egg farmers who deliver fresh, local, high-quality eggs, all year-round.

"This World Egg Day we are celebrating the importance of made-in-Canada food and the people that make it all possible," says Roger Pelissero, Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada. "Egg farming families such as my own take pride in the fact that the food we produce is enjoyed by our friends, neighbours and fellow Canadians. Not only that, but Canada's egg farmers have also positioned themselves as leaders by living sustainably every day, through every choice they make—and the impact this will have for generations to come is something to celebrate!"

It's no secret that eggs are enjoyed the world over and especially here in Canada. Thanks to the day-to-day work of over 1,200 egg farmers from Newfoundland to British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, top-quality Canadian-made food—local Canadian eggs that is—feeds our appetite.

To help shine a light on that collective appreciation for Canadian egg farmers and Canadian eggs, Egg Farmers of Canada has put together a short World Egg Day video which you can watch, HERE. Notable Canadian chefs have also partnered with Egg Farmers of Canada this World Egg Day to create seasonal recipes made with locally-sourced ingredients from their respective region. These vibrant recipes which encourage everyone to get creative in the kitchen while showing their support for local, made-in-Canada food can be found, HERE.

Now it's your turn. Join us in our World Egg Day celebrations by sharing how much you love Canadian eggs and egg farmers using the hashtag #WorldEggDay and tagging @eggsoeufs on your favourite social platform.

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