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Baumalight looking to create forestry prototype attachments

Benefits of stump grinding over ripping

Baumalight is looking to create prototype attachments for excavators, tractors and skid steers for a stump grinder lineup. The company is looking to partner with owners in order to create videos and the prototypes. Baumalight plans to use high efficiency bent air piston motors, which are also found in the Bush fire line, and will use high efficient green teeth that are a common component of the industrial stump grinders. The excavators will have a high pressure system that will work together with the piston motors and green teeth to create an efficient grinder.

Because attaching to an excavator is complex, Baumalight will require down payments before building adaptors, though this down payment will be refunded if used within an agreed time period. The options for purchase are to either buy at a deep discount with a warranty on parts, or free rental if the company can film videos at the location.

Why choose stump grinding over ripping?

Baumalight Skid Steer S-18There are many benefits to grinding stumps rather than ripping them out of the ground. As many farmers know, grinding stumps causes less soil disturbance than ripping, allowing the soil to continue to be optimal for reseeding or reforestation. Another benefit is that when grinding instead of ripping, there is no need to haul away or burn the tree stumps.

Baumalight stump grinders were first manufactured in 2004, beginning with skid steer mount grinders. Eventually, MTB MFG began to manufacture three point hitch model grinders as well. Currently, the company is working on a new Holt brand, which is a self-contained industrial gas and diesel powered series. Excavator mounted wood splitters and tree shears for both the skid steers and excavators are new product lines for the company, and they are also looking to prototype 150kW and 200 kW PTO generators.

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