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Smyth Welding going strong for over 50 years

Smyth Welding and Machine Shop Ltd has been in business for over 50 years! The business has continued to grow and prosper throughout their years of producing quality, durable products.

Originally founded in 1962, the company has been going strong ever since. They operate a fully equipped machine shop, as well as offering full service repairs for a large variety of equipment types.

They manufacture Land Rollers, Snowblowers, Sweepers, Header Wagons, Buckets & Attachments, Stone Windrowers, Woodsplitters, and so much more!

In 1955, George Smyth purchased his first welder. Seven years later, in 1962, Smyth Welding was born. Since then, the company has prospered and expanded to reach its current success today. In 1998, George Smyth retired and handed the business over to his son, Barry Smyth. Today the company consists of 25 employees, and continues to expand their selection of high quality equipment.

In order to provide exceptional service to each customer and piece of equipment, Smyth Welding stocks all common sizes of round pipe, rod, flat bar, shaft, square tube, angle iron, channel iron, sheet metal and much more!

Customers are routinely pleased with the quality of Smyth Welding products, stating that they are “extremely well built with lots of metal and heavy frames” and “the best piece of accessory equipment” that they own.

Smyth Welding’s Machine Shop that is located in their East building, offers full service repairs, including: spline cutting, shaft build-up repair, hydraulic cylinder repair and can fabricate pretty much anything thrown their way. The shop has a fast turnaround, and offers free estimates. They also create customized products from the customer’s blueprints!

For more information about Smyth Welding and their products, please call 519-529-7212, email, or visit

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