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Farmers' cash receipts increased 14 per cent last year

Canadian farmers had another good year in 2022, despite much higher costs of production.

Nationally, farm cash receipts increased 14 per cent to $99.88 billion over 2021, according to Statistics Canada’s annual report.

Crop receipts increased 14.1 per cent to $53.96 billion while livestock receipts rose 12.2 per cent to $33.6 billion.

Saskatchewan total farm cash receipts were up 9.8 per cent to $21.03 billion with crop income up 10 per cent to $15.74 billion. Livestock income was up 9.6 per cent to $2.9 billion.

Direct program payments increased 23.5 per cent across Canada to $7.34 billion. Seven cents of every dollar in receipts came from these subsidies.

In Saskatchewan, direct program payments increased 10.8 per cent to $239.1 million. One of every nine dollar in receipts in Saskatchewan was from these programs.

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