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Financial Challenges Hit Prominent Iowa Pork Producer, JWV Pork

JWV Pork, a well-established four-generation hog farm based in Washington, Iowa, is facing financial distress, defaulting on over $38.8 million of debt, as revealed in court records. The company, a major player in Iowa’s pork industry, has experienced significant success under the co-ownership of Jerome and Heidi Vittetoe since the early ’80s.

According to legal documents filed in the Iowa District Court in Linn County, JWV Pork failed to make timely payments on loans from Farm Credit Services dating between 2016 and 2022. This default has resulted in a total outstanding indebtedness of $38.8 million for JWV Pork, JWV Milling, Savanna Pork, Vittetoe Enterprises, and J & H Legacy Farms, as of August 10.

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