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First Exclusive Livestock & Poultry Pharmacy Opens in Ontario

Cambridge, ONTARIO - The GVF group of companies is pleased to announce the creation and launch of Farmers Pharmacy Rx Limited. This brand-new livestock and poultry medicine dispensary has arrived in conjunction with the enactment of regulatory changes surrounding antibiotics that affect all livestock and poultry producers.
Farmers Pharmacy Rx Limited is a 4500 sq/ft “lock and leave” pharmacy housed within the Farmers Farmacy® facility located on Dobbie Drive in Cambridge, Ontario.
This pharmacy has been created to provide producers with ready, easy access to topical, water soluble, injectable and feed antibiotics and medications – all important tools for farmers raising and caring for livestock and poultry.
In order to purchase livestock antibiotics through Farmers Pharmacy Rx Limited, a producer must first obtain a prescription from the veterinarian with whom they have an active “vet client patient relationship”. This prescription may be provided to Farmers Pharmacy Rx Limited by fax or email (contact information below) from a veterinary clinic or from a producer with veterinarian confirmation. Once received and dispensed by our licensed pharmacist, packaged goods (water soluble, injectable, topical) medications may be delivered by courier direct to farm. Courier deliveries within the province of Ontario will be received the next day. Prescriptions including (full bags) of feed medications will be dispensed in the same manner and may be delivered using the Grand Valley Fortifiers fleet of premix delivery vehicles. These vehicles follow strict bio-security protocols for all of their deliveries. All direct to farm deliveries will require a producer signature indicating that they have received their prescribed medication products. Of course, producers also have the option of picking up their prescription orders at the Farmers Farmacy® facility during regular business hours.
Medicated complete feed or premix will continue to be available through Grand Valley Fortifiers or the producer’s current feed supplier. A valid prescription however, will now be required to purchase medicated feed, nursery feeds and premixes. 
Initially, Farmers Pharmacy Rx Limited will carry inventory of historical “over the counter” (OTC) feed antibiotics, water soluble, injectable and topical medications. Over time, this product portfolio will expand to include more of the traditional prescription-only water soluble and injectable medications as the number prescriptions fulfilled by Farmers Pharmacy Rx Limited increases. 
Farmers Pharmacy Rx will be open and able to receive and fulfill prescriptions from Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, while being closed on weekends and holidays. Prescription orders may be picked up at the Farmers Farmacy® facility from 8:00 am – 5:30 pm. We are pleased to provide livestock and poultry producers with a choice as to where they purchase the antibiotics they need to successfully raise their herds and flocks. Please give us a call at Farmers Farmacy® with any further questions about this new method of dispensing prescription medications. 1-866-527-6229.
All scripts can be faxed directly to Farmers Pharmacy Rx at 519-603-3535 or emailed to


Source : GVF