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Government of Canada invests nearly $2 million in migratory bird monitoring and conservation programs

Migratory birds are an important part of Canadian biodiversity. Despite their great adaptability, science shows that migratory bird populations are declining, and this has negative impacts on ecosystem health. The Government of Canada is committed to halting this loss of biodiversity by strengthening protective measures for migratory birds and supporting work with many partners, including other governments, Indigenous peoples, and non-profit organizations.

The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, announced today that the Government of Canada is investing $1.998 million over three years in a wide range of programs for migratory bird monitoring and conservation, including for species at risk, throughout Canada. The results of these projects will assist in planning the recovery of species at risk and in protecting their habitats.  

These programs will be carried out especially with the help of citizen science volunteers who are recruited and managed by Birds Canada. The programs will take place in a wide range of habitats across Canada to provide information on the status and distribution of birds in Canada. 

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