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Grant program launched for dairy business advancement

The Center for Dairy Excellence has rolled out a grant program specifically for dairy value-added operations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. This initiative, named the Marketing, Branding and Labeling Consultant Grant program, seeks to propel dairy businesses forward by enhancing their marketing efforts. 

The program is open for applications until November 17, with the goal of awarding up to 11 grants. These grants are tailored to assist dairy businesses in building their brand, developing impactful labels, and crafting comprehensive marketing strategies. The ultimate aim is to increase sales and expand consumer reach. 

Each grant, if fully utilized, amounts to $5,000. This includes a maximum of $3,750 for consultancy services and up to $1,250 for the direct implementation of the consultant’s advice. Funded by the Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center, a USDA initiative, the program is a significant boost for eligible dairy businesses. 

The application process requires a $100 fee, which will be reimbursed if the application is not accepted. This new grant program presents a valuable opportunity for dairy businesses in the specified states to significantly enhance their marketing and branding efforts, thereby improving their market position and consumer accessibility. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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