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Grants Available For Agriculture Safety Training

The University of Wisconsin Center for Agricultural Safety and Health announced the availability of $19,200 to award grants for sponsoring farm safety and education, training, or informational programs. Grants will be awarded for amounts up to $500 per county with groups securing or providing equal matching funds.

“First priority for these grants is to continue support for Safe Operation of Tractor and Machinery programs for youth. These programs build a foundation for safety and health in the next generation of agriculturalists,” said Cheryl Skjolaas, University of Wisconsin-Extension agricultural safety specialist and Interim Director, UW Center for Agricultural Safety and Health.

She added, “Interest in agricultural safety and health programs have increased in recent years due to changes in agricultural practices, increased OSHA enforcement, and as businesses work to control losses from injuries and illnesses.”

The grants will help counties sponsor programs focusing on farm safety and health prevention efforts. Priority will continue for use with Wisconsin Safe Operation of Tractor and Machinery Certification Programs. Funds may also be used for programs such as:

  • occupational safety and health training for employees or farm family members
  • hazard inspections trainings for farm operators and employees
  • emergency personnel training for farm accident rescue
  • farm safety day camps or school programs for youth
  • public policy forum on agricultural safety and health

The programs are to be developed in consultation with county extension personnel, agricultural education instructors, public health personnel, or other person with expertise or interest in farm safety topics.

In previous years, these grants have been used to provide to:

  • support WI Safe Operation of Tractor and Machinery Certification Programs
  • develop teaching resources for Rural Safety Day Camps for Youth
  • provide training on farm rescue to prepare firefighters, first responders, EMS on how to respond for a tractor overturn, machinery  entanglement, grain engulfment and more.
  • develop resources for displays and resource materials for educational events focused on agricultural safety
  • produce educational resources like the new tractor safety videos and horizontal silo management videos

Proposals are due by Feb. 23, 2015.  Application guidelines are available at The grants will be awarded in March 2015; activities and final reports must be completed by December 31, 2015.

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