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GSI Introduces Two Grain Storage Products To Increase Grain Storage Capacity and Harvest Efficiency

New Line of Grain Bins and Versatile Round Tube Chain Conveyor To Debut at 2014 Farm Progress Show

ASSUMPTION, Ill. (Aug. 18, 2014) – GSI (Grain Systems, Inc.) is introducing two new grain storage products to provide farmers with increased storage capacity, improved harvest efficiency and greater strength to handle heavier loads.  The new 40-Series™ 4-inch corrugated grain bin and VersaLoop™ round tube chain conveyor will be on display at the 2014 Farm Progress Show and will be available for shipment in the first quarter of 2015.

Meeting increasing storage needs
GSI has taken the proven design of the 2.66-inch corrugated 40-Series bin, launched in 2013, and integrated those features into its 4-inch corrugated bin line. The new 4-inch bins are designed to be built taller with a smaller footprint for producers with growing storage needs, offering capacities up to 282,000 bushels.  

The new 40-Series 4-inch bins can be built up to 21 rings, with diameters ranging from 30 to 72 feet. Previously, the 4-inch bin line had only a limited number of 21-ring models.

“We now have a much more comprehensive bin offering along with additional features, such as 2-ring walk-through doors,” said Greg Trame, GSI global product manager for storage.
These bins also feature all-new roof panels with over and under lap profiles to ensure a more precise fit, as well as increased strength. They also include the optional Z-Tek™ Roof System, which provides increased snow load capacities for northern climates, larger flat tops and up to 50,000 pounds of peak load to support larger material handling equipment for increased harvest momentum.
Other enhancements include a new, rolled structural base angle that prevents water from entering at the base of the bin for improved protection, and base stiffener boots that are powder-coated so they won’t rust over time. “These and other upgrades bring farmers many of the same rugged features that were originally designed for commercial bin environments,” Trame noted.

More versatile conveyor

The new VersaLoop round tube chain conveyor offers a modular design that allows it to be used in a variety of applications to maximize farmers’ efficiency and profitability.  It can move up to 6,000 bushels per hour to speed up their harvest and

can reach a maximum incline of 60 degrees, with minimal external support, to load taller grain bins.
“As its name implies, this new conveyor offers the versatility to be configured for a variety of grain system applications, making grain movement easier than ever,” said Trame. “It offers all the benefits of a custom-designed conveyor, but without the time and cost involved.”
Trame added that the VersaLoop conveyor is an easy way to replace any auger. “It’s quieter, doesn’t wear like an auger and also moves grain more gently and efficiently,” he said. “And, with its round tube design, it offers excellent clean-out compared to loop conveyors with square boxes.”
Easy maintenance is another key benefit. VeraLoop conveyors use a direct drive system with no belts to repair or replace.  Also, the motor, gear box and chain takeup are all positioned at one end of the tube, providing easier farmer access compared to other loop conveyors that have these service points at both ends.
The new 4-inch bin and VersaLoop conveyor will be featured at the 2014 Farm Progress Show in GSI Lot 1102. For more information about these and other GSI products, farmers can contact their local GSI dealer or visit
Source: GSI

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