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Improve Harvesting Season With the JD 600F HydraFlex Platforms

The age-old saying “You reap what you sow” typically refers to how we conduct ourselves, but, when taken literally, it means if you plant one type of seed, that is the type of plant that will grow. The JD 600F HydraFlex platforms are designed to ensure that once the seeds you’ve sewn are ready for harvest, nothing gets left behind.

Down pressed or tangled crops can be hard to reach with a harvester, but the flexibility of the JD 600F HydraFlex platforms allows them to gather every last crop. In fact, several features of this harvester make it a high performing piece of agricultural cutting equipment that is sure to improve your harvesting season results.

Increased Flexibility: With the HydraFlex Technology, an adjustable arm gives the operator control of float pressure depending on the terrain condition. On uneven ground, the floating arm can cut faster and cleaner without getting caught in weeds and thick stocks.

A clean, even cut results in a high quality crop and leaves the field in good condition once the harvesting is finished. The goal is not only to be productive and efficient in the harvesting season, but to ensure that the soil and field are maintained for many more planting seasons.

Cleaner Cuts: This harvesting season, there will be no crop left behind thanks to double-cut knives of the Knife Drive System. The double blades give increased cutting capacity and harvesting speed. Along with the sharp and powerful knife edges is the epicyclic drive system that keeps the harvester reliable, which means there is less opportunity for debris to cause build-ups.

Sharp, clean cuts also prevent crops from being left behind. The closer you can get the blades to the ground, the better, unless rough terrain demands otherwise.

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