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Introducing DeLaval Vanquish™ Pre Post Teat Dip

The uniquely formulated chlorine dioxide-based teat dip effectively kills mastitis-causing pathogens while conditioning teat skin.
QUÉBEC CITY – DeLaval unveiled a new udder health solution to dairy producers attending Salon Industrie Machinerie Agricole de Québec called DeLaval Vanquish™ Pre Post teat dip – uniquely formulated with strong and mild acids, creating a powerful long-last germicide.
DeLaval Vanquish Pre Post teat dip is a two-part solution made by blending the activator to the base generating chlorine dioxide. This unique non-iodine teat dip uses oxidation to quickly kill mastitis-causing pathogens either before or after milking while remaining effective and stable for long periods. Manufactured in Canada*, DeLaval Vanquish Pre Post contains eight percent emollient to help keep the skin healthy and smooth.
“DeLaval Vanquish Pre Post offers the optimal balance of disinfection, cleaning properties and conditioning,” said Paula Mercadante, Milk Quality & Animal Health Solution Manager for DeLaval North America. “We are thrilled to offer Canadian dairy producers a non-iodine udder health solution which can flexibly meet the needs of their operations. Farmers milking conventionally can use it year-round or as part of a rotational hygiene program. It can be dipped or sprayed on teats and offers germicidal protection for up to eight hours after mixing.**”
As an NPE-free (nonylphenol ethoxylate) udder health solution, DeLaval Vanquish Pre Post is an ideal choice for environmentally conscious dairy producers desiring an effective alternative to an iodine-based teat dip.
DeLaval Vanquish Pre Post teat dip has been university-tested using the protocol developed by the National Mastitis Council. These studies showed that DeLaval Vanquish Pre Post is able to achieve a 5 log reduction of most mastitis-causing pathogens in 15 seconds.
Source : DelavalCorporate