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John Deere Launches Nationwide Search for First-Ever Chief Tractor Officer to be the Face and Voice of the Company’s Social Media

MOLINE, Ill— This isn’t just a job; it’s the ultimate influencer adventure! John Deere, with the help of quarterback Brock Purdy, launched an epic hunt for the company’s first-ever Chief Tractor Officer (CTO) — a witty and charismatic content creator ready to help the iconic American brand celebrate farmers, contractors, groundskeepers, and brand fans.

POV: You’re making stops at some of the most iconic stadiums and sporting landmarks, capturing the perfect striping in the outfield. Another day, you’re at Yellowstone National Park creating a #DayInTheLife maintaining the most scenic roads in America. It’s all in a day’s work for the CTO.

“Behind every part of our daily lives — from your breakfast, to your clothes, to the roads you drive on — there are unsung heroes behind the scenes with a story to tell,” said Jen Hartmann, Global Director of Strategic Public Relations and Enterprise Social Media. “The role of the Chief Tractor Officer isn’t just about creating content, it’s about creating compelling stories about the people and industries supporting all of us.”

To apply, candidates must submit a short-form video with their pitch for the position, showing the creativity, humor, and passion they’d bring to the job. Candidates are also encouraged to publish their entries to TikTok and/or Instagram tagging @JohnDeere.

TL;DR: Know someone who’s a natural storyteller, thrives in the great outdoors, and is (dare we say?) a little extra in front of and behind the camera? Send them to to shoot their shot at scoring the best job through April 29, 2024.

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