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Manitoba Beef Producers Fall District Meetings Start This Week

Manitoba Beef Producers fall district meetings start Tuesday, October 19th and wrap up on November 9th.

There will be two virtual meetings for producers in odd-numbered districts and seven in-person meetings for producers in even-numbered districts.

Vice-President Melissa Atchison talked about the focus this year.

"Certainly we always talk about our financials for producers, we want to be transparent with that," she said. "The district meetings are just a great opportunity for producers to visit, talk to their director and our staff and see what MBP has been up to. They set the future path for our organization by proposing resolutions that will be taken to the AGM in February. This year, certainly drought was first and foremost on our file, as well as crown lands, that's another big file we work on as well."

Elections will be held this year in even-numbered districts.

Virtual meetings will be held October 19th and November 9th starting at 7pm. In-person meetings get underway October 26th in Baldur.

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