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Manitoba MP Named Deputy Shadow Minister For Environment And Climate Change

The MP for Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa is stepping into the role of Deputy Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change.
It's a big step for rookie Conservative MP Dan Mazier who says he feels privileged to be in this position.
"It's good. It's an honour and I think with my background, I think I'll be a very good contributor to the committee and to the role as well," says Mazier.
Mazier points to his experience as President of Keystone Agricultural Producers, as well as a founder of the Elton Energy Corporation, a board member of the Manitoba Sustainable Energy Association, Mid-Assiniboine Conservation District and the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative.
"What I can't get over, is the riding of Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa and how diverse it is," says Mazier. "Also, how much potential and how many good things we are doing and need to be recognized for in the riding. We have everything from forestry to potato production to grain farming."
He says the riding has a lot to offer.
"HyLife is there, ethanol production is there," noted Mazier. "It's kind of a riding that's very mixed, and yet, very diverse, in what it can contribute to helping out with the environmental issues that we have in our world today."
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