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March Is Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month

This month, Manitoba students will participate in Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba’s (AITC-M) flagship program, Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM).
CALM encourages students to learn about and celebrate Canada’s agriculture and food story by introducing them to farmers and agricultural representatives, doing a fun activity and having an agriculture-themed book read to them. Students are able to put a face to agriculture and make a connection to the food they eat and the journey it takes to get on their plate.
Across Manitoba, AITC-M anticipates reaching over 5,300 students in 261 classrooms through a team of 117 dedicated volunteers.
“Most students are three generations removed from the farm, so it’s important they learn where their food comes from. Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month is the perfect way for students to build agriculture awareness and discover how connected we are to agriculture every day,” says Sue Clayton, Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba’s Executive Director. “Students are engaged from beginning to end. Not only do students hear from our volunteers who work in agriculture, but they also do a fun activity such as making butter or crushing canola, creating a memorable and educational experience.”
Source : Steinbachonline

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