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Meet the 2023 Hog Farmer Appreciation Celebration Chefs

Niman Ranch’s 25th Hog Farmer Appreciation Celebration took place in Des Moines, Iowa August 25-27, 2023. This annual celebration brings together the Niman Ranch community—chefs, distributors, partners and friends— to recount stories, learn and share incredible meals, all featuring Niman Ranch’s award-winning pork prepared by some of the country’s most celebrated chefs.

It’s no small task to prepare a multi-course meal for 600 guests. So why do chefs join us each year in Iowa to cook at this event?

Chef Andrew Hunter, Niman Ranch’s executive chef and the lead organizer of the 600-person gala dinner, explains that chefs are always eager to participate in this event because they love the Niman Ranch product, respect how Niman Ranch operates with integrity and credibility and, most important, appreciate the farmers. The dinner gives chefs a chance to cook for and thank the farmers directly.

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