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More Corn, Oats in Feed Rations

More corn - and even oats - are finding their way into Prairie feedlots. 

Susanne Leclerc of Market Master Ltd. in Edmonton said oats are becoming a more popular choice for feedlots, given relatively lower prices compared to the more traditional feedgrain alternatives, including feed wheat. 

“There (are) a lot of feed oats. A lot of oats in general this year. To see (feedlots) using more oats into feed rations is kind of nice because it opens a lot more availability to be able to move oats,” she said. 

Canadian oat production this year amounted to an estimated 4.65 million tonnes, up a whopping 65% from the drought-reduced 2021 harvest and the largest domestic oat crop since 1976 when 4.83 million tonnes came off. 

Oat prices across Western Canada generally range from about $4 to $5/bu, verus feed barley at more than $9 in Alberta and feed wheat even above that. 

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