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Today, the Canadian Cattle Association, Canadian Meat Council, and National Cattle Feeders’ Association are publicly launching our campaign “Say No to A Bad Deal” to stand up for science-based trade standards.

In July, the Government of Canada announced the accession of the United Kingdom (UK) to the Comprehensive Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The campaign seeks to implore the Federal Government to delay approving the UK’s acceptance to the CPTPP until a fair deal is negotiated between Canada and the UK.

Canadian meat is currently severely disadvantaged in the interim agreement with the UK as technical, non-tariff trade barriers have resulted in Canada being unable to access the UK market, while the UK enjoys unfettered access into the Canadian market. The proposed agreement will see the UK exporting over $50 million of their meat producers into the Canadian market, while Canada will be unable to export any meat products into their market.

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Julie McMahon French of Belle Point Ranch is a member of the group of dedicated Angus breeders who have each pledged $15,000 to establish the “George Grant Challenge.” This challenge supports the Angus Foundation’s “A Legacy Built” campaign. “I’ve always said, ‘when everybody gives a little, together we can accomplish a lot.’ And that’s the future of the Angus Foundation.” —Julie McMahon French