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New Express Entry Immigration Category for Agriculture

A new category for those working in agriculture and agri-food occupations has been added to Canada’s Express Entry immigration program, a Sept. 27 news release said. The first round of invitations for agriculture and agri-food occupations through category-based selection in Express Entry will occur this week.

“Addressing labour shortages is crucial to maintain the sector’s ability to produce and process food at this scale for Canadians and export markets around the world. This is an exciting step toward welcoming more skilled farm and food workers to our country,” Marc Miller, Canadian minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship, said in the release.

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The Agricultural Revolution

Video: The Agricultural Revolution

Most of us know about the industrial revolution and how that era brought about an explosion of innovation that actually continues to this day. For all intents and purposes, we live in the world that revolution created. However very few of us speak about the agricultural revolution that preceded this era, even though it was just as important, if not more. How come? At the middle of the 18th century a wave of modernization in the agricultural sector created a spectacular increase in food production. This allowed societies to sustain larger communities, communities that then gradually left the fields to work in the new factories that were now popping up. So let's explore a bit this side of our history and find out how modern agriculture was born.