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New Sollio Agriculture sign erected at the Talbotville grain elevator

A new Sollio Agriculture sign has just been erected at the Talbotville grain elevator, located at 39109 Talbot Line, St. Thomas, Ontario. This change marks the final step in Sollio Agriculture’s acquisition of Cargill’s crop inputs and grain handling facilities in Ontario, which was announced in March 2018. The sale included 13 crop inputs and grain handling facilities as well as Cargill’s 50 percent stake in South West Ag Partners, a joint venture that operates grain and crop inputs facilities in Ontario and the Talbotville grain elevator.
From left to right: Paul Hazzard, General Manager, Grain, Ontario, Sollio Agriculture, and Grant Piggot, Regional Originations Supervisor, Grain, Ontario, Sollio Agriculture.
Built in the 1960s, the Talbotville grain elevator employs five people and is specialised in grain handling and conditioning services for local grain, corn, wheat and soybean farmers.
With annual sales of $2.125 billion and close to 1,100 employees in nine Canadian provinces, Sollio Agriculture supports farmers operating in an increasingly demanding context due to numerous economic, regulatory, technological, generational and climate changes.
Source : sollio agriculture