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Nominations open for Agriculture Hall of Fame 2024

“Every 2 years, Alberta’s Agriculture Hall of Fame (AAHOF) recognizes up to 3 individuals whose outstanding leadership, innovation and business practices have advanced Alberta’s agriculture and food industry at the provincial level or beyond,” says Susan Lacombe, program coordinator with the Hall of Fame. "The 141 men and women named to the Hall of Fame since its inception in 1951 exemplify agricultural leadership and accomplishment.”

The AAHOF honors individuals who have made significant contributions to their field. These could be scientists, farmers, inventors, educators, policymakers or advocates whose work has had a profound impact on agriculture and society. By recognizing their achievements, the AAHOF celebrates their dedication and encourages others.

“Alberta agriculture has a rich history, with innovations and advancements shaping how we produce food, manage land, and interact with the environment. The AAHOF preserves this history, showcasing the evolution of agriculture in our province and the people who have played key roles in its development and achievement. This helps the public understand the importance of agriculture and provides context for current agricultural practices and challenges.

“By highlighting the achievements of individuals in agriculture, the AAHOF can inspire future generations to pursue careers in this field. It showcases the diverse opportunities available in agriculture and demonstrates the impact that individuals can have on promoting sustainability and addressing global challenges such as food security.”

The AAHOF can serve as an educational resource to inform the public about various aspects of agriculture, including its history and innovations. This can help raise awareness about agricultural issues and promote informed decision-making about food production.

By recognizing and celebrating innovation in agriculture, the Hall of Fame can help promote further advancements in the field. It can inspire entrepreneurs, researchers and policymakers to develop new technologies, practices and policies that improve agricultural productivity, sustainability and resilience.

“The Hall of Fame directly contributes to the department’s priority to promote agriculture by showcasing and raising awareness around the significant contributions industry champions have made to Alberta, Canada and internationally,” says Lacombe.

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