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November 23, 2022 - EMBRACING CHANGE!!

With our FIRST EVER hybrid conference, there is no doubt that the ONTARIO Agricultural CONFERERNCE is Embracing Change. With an amazing lineup of incredible topics and world class speakers, this conference is too good to miss. But attendees will have to Embrace Change as well!

What stays the same? All 50 (yes, FIFTY!) sessions will be recorded and posted for participants to watch on-line until March 31st. Full virtual attendance remains available, as it has the last 2 years. There are two “Live Days” Jan 4 (all locations) and Jan 5 (Ridgetown only). Feature presentations will be given LIVE and streamed to all locations and virtual attendees. The Production Pundits (session 7) will wrap up the conference on Jan 5, answering questions that have arisen from the amazing content at the conference. And of course, TEC Talk Tuesdays are back, every Tuesday night from 7 pm to 9 pm, January 10th to Feb 21st

What is different? Gone are the days of 8 concurrent sessions and dashing from building to building at Ridgetown. Gone is a totally separate conference in Midwestern and Eastern Ontario on different dates. All the LIVE events happen Jan 4th, with a second LIVE day only at Ridgetown Jan 5th. At Kemptville and Waterloo on Jan 4th, feature sessions will be streamed from Ridgetown, with LIVE speakers delivering great content between the feature sessions. At Ridgetown, feature speakers present LIVE to the in-person audience while streaming simultaneously to all other participants. Between the feature presentations at Ridgetown, two concurrent sessions are offered for attendees to choose from, one LIVE and one ON DEMAND session.  

Different? Yes. Options? YOU BET! 

With this format, there is something for everyone. For those that prefer the in-person opportunity for interaction in the hallways and in the trade show, there is a local option for you. For those that just can’t make in person work, the full virtual experience remains. For virtual attendees, the “Sip n' Social” on Jan 4th lets you participate virtually with the in-person event. In Embracing Change, #OAgC23 goes the extra mile to offer options and opportunities to make the conference fit your learning style. 

Embrace Change and GET REGISTERED! Visit, personalize your registration, and get ready for Jan 4th and 5th. This is one conference you cannot afford to miss. See you there! 

Source : Ontario AG Conference

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