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PepsiCo to invest $216 million into regenerative agriculture practices in US

PepsiCo has invested $216 million in long-term, strategic partnership agreements with three US-based farmer-facing organizations to drive the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices across the US.

The partnerships are with Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI), Soil and Water Outcomes Fund (SWOF), and the IL Corn Growers Association (ICGA) to establish and scale financial, agronomic, and social programs that enable the transition to the new practices through education, upfront investment in outcomes, cost-sharing, peer coaching, and networking.

.PepsiCo expects the combined impacts of the partnerships will support the uptake of regenerative practices on more than 3 million acres, delivering approximately 3 million metric tons of GHG emission reductions and removals by 2030.

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How turkey farmers prepare for Thanksgiving

Video: How turkey farmers prepare for Thanksgiving

This is most certainly the busiest time of the year for us."

That was Allan Burger, product ambassador for Buttonwood Farm.

"It's a lot of initial prep work to get things ready to go and prepared. And then this week and then next week are probably the busiest weeks of the year for Buttonwood. So it's an intense, fast two weeks, but it's definitely interesting. It's different than the rest of the year, so intense, but it's still very much enjoyable."

Buttonwood Farm was started by Matt and Eleanor Tiefenbrun in 2010 in California, Mo. It began with chickens, and almost a decade later, the operation raises eggs year-round and turkeys for the Thanksgiving season.