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Premium comfort package for ARION 460 and ARION 470: Compelling features at compelling prices

CLAAS has created a Premium comfort package for the new ARION 460 and ARION 470 launched in March 2021 featuring key equipment highlights which offer customers attractive cost savings in addition to outstanding drive comfort and ease of operation.

The ARION 400 series is one of the most popular CLAAS tractors. The agile all-rounder delivers an impressively coherent and efficient overall package which won the ARION 440 (Stage IV) best in class in a comprehensive tractor comparison in 2020. CLAAS now offers buyers of the CIS and CIS+ versions of the ARION 460 and ARION 470 several equipment highlights bundled in a Premium comfort package.

Alongside cab suspension and PROACTIV front axle suspension, the Premium package includes HEXASHIFT power shifting with the HEXASHIFT auto-shift function, which switches ranges and gears automatically in different drive modes. The Premium package also includes the SMART STOP function, which lightens the driver's workload considerably by automatically engaging and disengaging the clutch to bring the vehicle to a standstill when the foot brake is applied ­– especially useful at traffic lights, junctions, during front loader work or when working with round balers. Combined with the other comfort features, this brings driving almost to an infinitely variable level. The cruise control function, programmable headland management system and colour CIS monitor in the right-hand A-pillar provide further assistance for the driver.

The Premium comfort package represents a cost saving of €3000 compared with the total list price for all the individual equipment features. Customers also have the option of equipping their ARION 460 or ARION 470 with a GPS steering system, TELEMATICS and ISOBUS. This level of equipment puts the large ARION 400 on the same footing as more powerful tractors in the CLAAS range.

ARION 470 Tractor of the Year 2022 finalist

With the extra 10 hp boost from CLAAS POWER MANAGEMENT, the ARION 460 and ARION 470 deliver an output of up to 145 and 155 hp, giving them a favourable power-to-weight ratio of just 34 kg/hp. The payload is 3.8 t and the rear linkage can handle 6.25 t. Both tractors can be fitted with the unique PANORAMIC cab which features a continuous front windscreen for optimal visibility during front loader work.

Thanks to the wide range of attractive features, the ARION 470 was voted a finalist in the ‘Best Utility' category of Tractor of the Year 2022. The Tractor of the Year award is presented annually by an international panel of 24 trade journalists from 23 countries. The CLAAS AXION 960 Stage V recently won ‘Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2021’ thanks to its self-learning operator assistance and process optimisation system CEMOS for Tractors.

Source : CLAAS Group

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