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RANCONA® TRIO Receives Canadian Registration For Pulses

UPL AgroSolutions Canada Inc. is pleased to receive registration from the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency for the use of RANCONA® TRIO Seed Treatment on pulses. Trusted in cereals since 2017, RANCONA TRIO offers improved crop emergence, increased stands and healthier, more vigorous plants to growers of pulse crops. 
“UPL is committed to expanding our product offerings for pulse growers in Canada, and the recent approval of RANCONA TRIO is taking another step to further that commitment,” says Tony Dalgliesh, Canada Marketing Portfolio Manager – Seed Treatment, UPL AgroSolutions Canada. “RANCONA TRIO will provide growers with a powerful tool to help combat tough seed and seedling diseases in their pulse crops.”
With advanced-generation seed treatment technology, RANCONA TRIO ensures that growers are maximizing their seed treatment investment and yield potential. Three powerful fungicides offer multi-mode combination with both contact and systemic activity for maximum protection against a broadspectrum of seed and seedling diseases in pulses and cereals.
RANCONA TRIO’s easy-to-use (ETU) formulation means no dilution required, less sticking and clumping, low dust levels, easy cleanup and a lower freezing point. The flowable application technology provides superior coverage and adhesion, so more active ingredient ends up on the seed and not on the equipment, delivering more consistent protection under a wider range of conditions. 

To learn more about RANCONA TRIO or any of our leading product solutions, contact your local UPL AgroSolutions Canada representative or visit

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