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RDAR Provides Funds for Alberta RVT Program

RDAR, the Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) and Alberta Oat Growers Commission are making a $782,400 investment in the Alberta Regional Variety Trials (RVT) program, a March 9 news release said. RDAR’s funding contribution for this research project is valued at $582,300 over three years.

“Every farmer knows how different varieties can perform from one stretch of the province to the next,” Nate Horner, Alberta minister of agriculture and irrigation, said in the release. “Regional variety trials are small in size, but large in impact. These trials and the data they generate will help producers across Alberta make more informed decisions.”

The release noted RVTs are independently conducted field trials on small test plots at multiple sites across Alberta. The trials compare the performance of newly registered wheat, barley, oat, flax, and triticale varieties with the performance of well-known cultivars.

“RVT data supports Alberta crop producers in making decisions on which new varieties to grow based on their performance across Alberta,” Clinton Dobson, RDAR research director, said in the release.

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