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Salford Group Launches New High HALO Speed Tillage Platform

This fall, Salford is releasing HALO, a next generation tillage product line that adds to Salford’s extensive line of tillage and application equipment. HALO is a new Salford tillage platform, which allows for new combinations of ground engaging equipment, narrow transport, and single point adjustments, which make for faster, easier field setting.
“Equipment dealers and ag producers have been asking Salford to create a new tillage implement designed for high speed, narrow transport and all of the durability and ease of use that is associated with Salford equipment,” said Kris Wright, Salford’s product manager for ground engaging products. “Salford’s passion for innovation and product development is strong,” said Wright, “and we couldn’t settle on developing just one machine so we’re introducing a whole new product line.”
The new HALO HSD (high speed disc) and HALO AerWay models are available to order this fall. The HALO HSD model will be available in five sizes from 20 to 40 feet wide and the HALO AerWay model with 20, 25 and 30-foot sizes available now, and 35 and 40-foot machines releasing in 2021.
The HALO HSD incorporates new tillage technology with existing Salford designs to increase field leveling performance. Salford’s existing blade mount technology aided in the product design helping the HALO HSD bite into the ground and stay at depth, even in hard ground. In addition to the blade mount technology, a series of simple to set hydraulic pressure settings help the machine maintain level operation front to back and side to side, through the most challenging field conditions. The HALO HSD is followed by a new Salford finishing system, a heavy-duty 23-inch cage roller that enhances the units leveling power. The HALO HSD is designed to operate between 8 to 14 miles per hour and independently mounted blades with a rubber torsion suspension for maximum obstacle protection at high speeds.
The HALO AerWay model combines Salford and AerWay tillage technology for the perfect vertical tillage machine, bringing together deep soil aeration and residue management. The AerWay Shattertines® begin to size residue and fracture the ground around and below the tines. This action increases soil’s air and moisture storage capacity, promoting deeper root development and allowing fertilizer to disperse in the root zone. Independently mounted 13 wave coulters follow the Shattertines with a rubber torsion suspension. The coulters further resize crop residue and begin to level and mellow soil behind the tines. Finally, new Salford double rolling baskets finish the job, pinning residue, sizing soil clods and leveling the surface to prepare a seedbed. The HALO AerWay’s tines and blades have three gang angle settings allowing producers to adjust their tillage intensity.
All HALO models have minimal maintenance which employ as many maintenance-free components as sealed rebuildable blade hubs. Single-point hydraulic adjustments make the HALO fast and easy to set for field use.
“HALO builds on Salford’s legacy of innovation,” said Brad Baker, VP sales and marketing for Salford Group. “HALO takes advantage of the latest in ag equipment technology and uses that to advance Salford’s durability and performance.”
Source : Salford Group

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