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Saskatchewan Invests In Agricultural Water Management Demonstration Projects

The Province is partnering with stakeholder groups to work on finding new and effective ways of managing agricultural water.
Saskatchewan is investing $1 million dollars to partner with ten stakeholder groups on 11 agricultural water management projects. 
Greg Ottenbreit, the Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency says agricultural water management is extremely important to our economy and the environment, but every region of the province is different.
"We need to listen and learn from and work with farmers and ranchers on the landscape.  These projects will allow stakeholders, the WSA and local leaders to better understand how we can solve complex water management issues. "
SARM President Ray Orb says they are pleased to see the Government investment noting water management is important to all of rural Saskatchewan.
Some of the demonstration projects will test how farmers and ranchers can irrigate with water drained from agricultural fields, apply fertilizer in different ways to minimize nutrient runoff. 
While other projects will strategically retain wetlands to reduce the downstream impacts of flooding on infrastructure, water quality and habitat.
The majority of the projects are in the eastern half of the province.
The participating organizations involved in the Agricultural Water Management Demonstration Projects include:
- Saskatchewan Conservation and Development Association;
- Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm (Langham);
 - Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds;
 - Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association;
 - Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation;
 - Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association;
 - Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association;
 - Saskatchewan Research Council;
 - Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute; and
 - Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association.
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