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Saskatchewan is Still Waiting On News From The Supreme Court

Justice Minister Gordon Wyant gave SARM an update this week on the Province's Carbon Tax case which is currently before the Supreme Court.
The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities held their 116th Annual Convention virtually this year.
One of the highlights for the event is the Bear Pit with the Provincial Cabinet.
During the question and answer session Justice Minister Gordon Wyant telling delegates that the Province was advised within the last week that they can expect a decision shortly.
"That's really not much in terms of when we're going to get it, but the Supreme Court has indicated to us that we should be prepared for that. So we're optimistic about the decision about the case that was put forward to the Supreme Court. So we're, we're anxiously waiting for that decision to come down, and we should know fairly soon."
Wyant also addressed questions about the Province's Trespass legislation noting they are hopeful that it will be proclaimed into law fairly soon, but they want to make sure the support tools are in place to make it effective.
Premier Scott More noting they want to make sure people are aware of the changes and that everything is ready to go.
"I want to ensure there's the sufficient amount of support infrastructure around this piece of legislation when we do proclaim it as well. We want to ensure that there's no unintended consequences that should arise as well. And so there's that last look happening in that last piece of consultation in which SARM is involved right now. But we will be moving forward when we can, you know, ensure that those two pieces are checked."
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