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Solinftec deploys crop robot to Canada

West Lafayette-based agricultural technology company Solinftec is expanding the launch of its new autonomous robot with two partnerships in Canada. Solix Ag Robotics’ technology scans and monitors fields to examine crop health and pressures, such as weeds and pests.

The ag tech company will run its equipment in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan and Stone Farms in Saskatchewan. The farming operation plants more than 10,000 acres of crops, mostly wheat, canola and lentils. Solinftec says owner Rob Stone is a progressive farmer who likes to test and be a part of new agriculture technology.

“Technology and how it is implemented in agriculture will play an even more critical role in our future,” said Rob Stone, owner of Stone Farms, “We know Solinftec continues to innovate for the better of the agriculture economy and the addition of their robotics platform will only enhance our work together. We are excited about the possibility for this technology to improve the way we manage inputs with enhanced real time information.”

In April, Solinftec announced a partnership with Illinois-based GROWMARK Inc., one of the largest agricultural cooperatives in North America. It is also running field tests in South America.

Solinftec says the technology aims to provide farmers and agronomists a new level of information to increase yields, improve the usage of chemicals, and lower the environmental impact.

“We are taking the robot directly to the fields to learn at a hyper-local level how they perform,” said Leonardo Carvalho, Solinftec’s operational director lead in Canada. “The cutting-edge robotics technology will help develop agricultural solutions and support sustainable farming practices.”

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