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Taking a Closer Look at the Evolution of John Deere Ag Technology

Taking a Closer Look at the Evolution of John Deere Ag Technology
When looking back on John Deere history, it is clear that this company has consistently represented its vision of providing the best for its customers. To this day, every decision that is made at Deere links back to four core values: Integrity, Quality, Commitment, and Innovation.
While all of these values are equally important to the success of this company, innovation is a central factor in what has made John Deere stand out throughout the past century. By regularly introducing the latest technology into its manufacturing processes and products, this company has proven its willingness to adapt to change in order to help its customers across industries, especially agriculture.
How did John Deere change American agriculture?
From the very beginning, John Deere has always proven itself to be a pioneer when it comes to making farmers’ lives easier. It all started in 1837 when the man himself recognized the need for a highly polished plow that could stand up to the heavy, sticky prairie soil most were facing. This led to the first steel plow which was fashioned from a broken saw blade. The success of this invention put the company on the path to seemingly constant development, from the incorporation of Deere & Company in 1868 to the registration of the first trademark in 1876.
One of the most noteworthy moments in John Deere history, especially in regards to innovation, was the acquisition of the Waterloo Gas Engine Company in 1912. This decision would result in the development of the first successful, gasoline powered tractor which would pave the way for future equipment. An ongoing commitment towards innovation has carried on throughout the history of this company with the employment of exciting ag technology. In fact, John Deere was ranked among the most innovative companies, being named number one in terms of “social innovation” in 2018.
Let’s take a closer look at the types of John Deere ag technology that has continued to amaze and stand the test of time.
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