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Tap These Resources For Better Field Scouting

Tap These Resources For Better Field Scouting
Whether you’re still working around the weather to get those last fields planted or your crops are emerged and well on their way, an effective field scouting plan will give your crops the best opportunity to reach their full yield potential.
Field scouting can help you understand what is going on in your fields right now and can help you better understand future issues that may arise. Scouting helps identify problems such as disease, pest insects, weeds and other issues; identifying these issues is the first step in implementing management.1
Even if you use an off-farm crop consultant or scouting service, it’s important to learn basic crop-scouting skills. Many local co-ops or ag chem retailers have agronomists on staff who can help you identify issues and recommend solutions. Many land-grant universities, such as University of Wisconsin Extension, offer crop-scouting training, crop-specific scouting manuals and other scouting tools. Land-grant universities also provide Extension specialists who can answer questions.
Mobile devices allow you to bring your scouting resources directly to the problem. Load the new interactive book from Iowa State University and take it with you to the field. Or download one of the many commercial and free apps designed to help you identify pests, select the best solutions and connect you with ag chem dealers and custom applicators. Search your preferred app store for terms, such as weed identification, corn pests, soybean diseases or simply farming and agriculture
Take your scouting to new heights
The new Case IH UAV package adds an additional layer of information to your scouting program — from a whole new level. The Case IH UAV package features Fieldscanner for real-time mapping. Fieldscanner adds local processing on the drone and mobile device to deliver instant, in-field processing of drone imagery. That lets you quickly take the pulse of crop health and — even before the drone touches down — begin identifying areas that warrant a closer look from the ground, making your entire scouting program more efficient.
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