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The ABC’s of Bees by Certified Bee Master

In the November-December 2022 issue of Small Farm Canada, Certified Bee Master, Deborah Acheson advises on what to expect, how to be successful as well as the mechanics of getting started in beekeeping on your farm, homestead or property.

Deborah raises strong, healthy bees at Smith Lake Farm, Black Creek, British Columbia and also teaches and certifies others in beekeeping.

During the pandemic Acheson altered delivery of her beekeeping certification courses to online between February and May with two onsite days to complete the certification in June.

For more information on how to become a certified beekeeper see the November-December issue of Small Farm Canada magazine. Subscribe here and get each publication delivered straight to your door!

Source : Small Farm Canada

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Video: Massive Montana Field Fire!!!!!!!! 2021 Wheat Harvest

Massive Montana Field Fire!!!!!!!! 2021 Wheat Harvest Today's video is all about the massive 1000 plus acre field fire that started at our neighbor's farm. Uncle Chris gets the big John Deere tractor and disk over to the fire to try to help. They went to try to disk up the soil so that it would create a fire barrier to protect the wheat crops. The problem is this fire got really big really fast due to the wind and it was very dangerous. There were 5 volunteer fire departments to help. There are at least 5 big tractors disking fire barriers. The fire spread into the coulee where Campbell Aviation flew in with his plane to try to help stop the fire by air. It burned through the coulee pretty fast and got into our stubble field. It burned a crop of wheat and it kept burning in the coulee for 3 days. Grandpa and Dad talk about the fire and their experience with other fires. We are all safe and so are our neighbors. This fire started when a combine bearing went out at the neighbor's place. The wind helped the fire get started and before they could put it out, it was out of control. Fires are very dangerous for people, wildlife, buildings, equipment, and crops. We are very blessed and grateful that no one was injured because nothing matters more than life. We also can't thank our volunteer firefighters enough for their dedication and courage!!!!!!! I hope you like my video and thank you for watching.